Conservation Restrictions

In 1999, the Belmont Land Trust (BLT) was formed for the purpose of acquiring conservation restrictions (in some states referred to as conservation easements) and gifts of land for conservation purposes within the town of Belmont, Massachusetts.  Among other conservation organizations the BLT has worked with the Massachusetts Audubon Society (MAS), most recently in 2010 to protect the Weeks Meadow extension to The Habitat Wildlife Sanctuary.  In acknowledging the BLT’s role, MAS President Laura Johnson said; “Partnering with the Belmont Land Trust was, once again, productive and a joy….and we look forward to more opportunities to work together in the future.”

The BLT was established in the tradition of The Trustees of Reservations, which was the first land trust in the United States, founded by Charles Eliot in 1891. Today TTOR holds close to 200 conservation restrictions throughout Massachusetts. Since the TTOR was established, local, state and national land trusts have preserved more than 20 million acres of land in the United States. That amount is actually greater than the combined acreage of all the National Parks outside of Alaska.

The Belmont Land Trust has made its own modest contribution to this total by becoming the recipient of restrictions covering somewhat more than 20 acres of land in the town of Belmont.

GIS Map of the Belmont Land Trust

GIS Map of the Belmont Land Trust

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