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  • Habitat Extension CR 

    Habitat Extension CR 

    The Habitat Wildlife Refuge and Education Center is a 90-acre urban oasis in the heart of Belmont, and has been devoted to environmental education since 1970. This Massachusetts Audubon Sanctuary has over 2.5 miles of trails which wind through deciduous and evergreen forests, across meadows, around 2 ponds, and along a wetland containing a vernal…

  • Richardson Farm APR

    Richardson Farm APR

    Please note: This CR is private property, not open to the public, although the Belmont Acres farm stand is open for business and maybe visited during the summer months.­­­­ Visit the Belmont Acres website to find out more about the farm stand and the CSA. The Agricultural Preservation Restriction (APR) is held by the Belmont Land Trust…