Weeks Meadow

Weeks Meadow CR (2001)

The Conservation Restriction area is comprised of approximately an acre and a half of land, of  undeveloped open space consisting of vacant fields and meadows, with trees, shrubs, and grasses. There is no public access to the Conservation Restriction area, but the natural wooded portion of the area with a stonewall on the border contributes to the scenic, natural condition of the general area as it appears to vehicles and pedestrians traveling on Concord Avenue.

Weeks Meadow is an open natural piece in a mosaic of neighboring open space that includes the Weeks Pond area of the Audubon Society Habitat Wildlife Sanctuary and works with the other undeveloped properties to sustain wildlife in the area. It is also close to a large open space area adjacent to the McLean Hospital campus which is now Town of Belmont conservation land.

This is just labeled “panorama” – is it the Weeks Meadow? Or Maple Allee maybe?

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Preserving a Habitat Meadow, Pond from Development